You are drowning in paper, sticky notes, notebooks, tasks, projects, and client work...


Things are slipping through the cracks...


Imagine an organized business with revenue generating routines and automated systems. 

You just can't get organized...

You are adding tasks to your plate constantly...

You are working 12-18 hour days...


You are letting important tasks slip through the cracks...


You are trying to do #allthethings...


You are always reinventing the wheel...


You are always wasting time looking for things...


You have downloaded all of the templates and planners and STILL can't get organized.

There just isn't enough time in the day...

You have tried and tried and there just isn't enough hours in the day. You want to be organized by you are just SO overwhelmed you just can't seem to get the hang of it.

You don't know how to do it on your own.

You have downloaded all types of courses, templates, and checklist to get organized.  You just can't find a system that works for you and keeps you on track.

You have lost money sleep and more.

You lose money because you don't have the bandwidth to take on new clients. You lose sleep because your brain just can't turn off.


I was in the exact same place when I started my business. I bought every course, template and checklist possible. 

I finally found a system that is simple and easy.


I can now manage my business tasks, clients tasks,  team tasks, home life and more in ONE PLACE.


This helped me get things out of my head, stop forgetting to do things, and sleep better at night. 


And I am on a mission to help other do the same!


You could save 5 hours per week of wasted time looking for files and documents with an all-in-one business headquarters.


You could collaborate with team members and clients with smooth communications and interactions.


You could develop, streamline, and implement a project workflow that simplifies your workload and allows you to bring on more clients.  


You could manage your daily tasks to effectively boost your productivity,  and get rid of the stress and anxiety that comes with organized choas.

Master your Business Visibility with a Content Management System You Can't Afford NOT to Use!!!

Stop spending time constantly creating new content, but MISSING opportunities to actually promote your business!

Is Your Digital Clutter Killing Your Business Growth and Causing Headaches

Get organized and finally put an end to the chaos! Check out our done-for-you, time-saving Trello templates to manage your business, projects, tasks, team, clients and more!

Imagine an organized business, revenue generating routines and automated systems.

Learn how to use Trello to simply manage all the moving parts of your entire home, life and business without losing your mind!


Hi, I'm Brittany Dixon -  founder of Brittany & Co Consulting. I help overwhelmed visionary entrepreneurs and small businesses  implement efficient operations in the back end of their business to save time, generate more revenue and create the FREEDOM THEY DESERVE!


Trello is the system that saved me from being a hustlepreneur and I want to share my secrets with you, starting with my done-for-you templates! This system took me over 2 years to test and perfect. I am saving you all that time by giving you the SAME SYSTEM!


In order to run a successful, scalable business, you need to have documented repeatable processes and thats what I help with!

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